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Karate Do International Martial Arts Classes

Karate Do Class

Martial Art, sophisticated tool for self-defense, fitness, advanced mobility, self-confidence, character development, decision taking under stress, strategy and tactics.


The study is for Man and Women, youth and kids.

Pre Karate Do Class

Martial Art  and the art of moving, basics of fighting and self-defense, especially designed for the younger kids of 5 -7.


The study will upgrade discipline of study and training through systematic program.

Baby Karate Do Class

Specific class specially designed and programed for the very young ones of 3-5 years old.  


The classes will teach and exercise toward developing healthy mobility, basics of Karate Do through systematic training and specially designed games.

Yamanni Ryu

Classical Martial Art of Okinawa.  Our school is qualifiyed and focused on the typical Okinawan weapons (Sai, Nunchaku, Bo and Kama).


The classes are open for adults with experience in Karate.

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