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Honbu Dojo
9 Hafes Haim, Petah Tikva, Israel 4959148

Honbu Dojo
9 Hafes Haim, Petah Tikva, Israel 4959148. Tel. +972-3-9309504.


Throughout the years our school, Karate Do International has educated thousands of students and reached numerous national and international achievements. Many of our students are certified Yudansha among whom the most senior rank today is 7th Dan. Many of the school seniors have been learning and practicing with Kancho Rony from the beginning of their careers, which is over fifty years. Our branches in Israel and abroad keep close and friendly contact with the Honbu Dojo in Petach Tiqva. The Hungarian branch, under the Headship of Attila Miskolczi Renshi, has sent a number of  Uchi Dechis to learn and grow at Honbu, those students participate regularly in our Gashukus, clinics, courses and advanced studies of the system. The development in our South African branch under the leadership of our Shihan Kai is heartwarming and satisfying. We grow to be the largest Goju Ryu Union in South Africa


Karate Do International's branches are under constant development in Hungary, S.A, USA, Australia, UK, Italy, Holland and Romania.

 The fact that the school has numerous students in all professional levels, enables us to perform focused and regular training sections for each level separately, starting with beginners, continuing with several classes aimed for the intermediate layer, and up to the unique Black Belts class. The school has a long tradition of training camps (Gashuku) and advanced professional studies, attracting local participants and overseas guests. All courses take place under the instruction and supervision of our internationally certified Senior Teachers.

Our Family of Warriors is a proud member of the historic JUNDOKAN DOJO of Okinawa and we keeping alive the legacy of the Dai Nippon Butokukai of Japan.

School's pride is its seniors - skilled and experienced educational staff who grew up and developed at our Honbu. The training is designed to allow you to get familiar with this fascinating and ever-changing Art of Karate Do.


The progress depends fully on your commitment, determination and persistence.














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