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The Headmaster

Dr.Rony Kluger - Ph.D.-Ed. (Official of Dai Nippon Butokukai, licensed as Karatedo Hanshi - Ku Dan) is the head Master of Karate Do International (Shibucho of Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Sho Honbu Jundokan). Dr. Kluger's title "Kancho" means the Head of the School, for the past 50 years he has been a full-time professional Educator and Teacher of Budo.


Karate Do Internationals' Headmaster Rony Kluger started his training at the early age of 12 in Judo and since 1970 his life has been Karate Do. He holds an impressive list of National and International titles from his competitive career which he ended in 1983. After Dr. Kluger's retirement from active competition he has been concentrating on teaching, coaching, educating and refereeing on the National and International levels.


For 10 years he held the post of National Chief Referee of the Israel Karate Federation. From 1985 to 2000 Dr. Kluger led the Martial Arts Department of the Wingate Institute of Physical Education & Sport (Ministry of Education & Sport - Israel), where his task was to educate and qualify the next generation of Martial Art Teachers. Today Dr. Kluger heads the Martial Arts Faculty at the Israeli Institute of Security.


Kancho Kluger has gained a reputation as a very talented and charismatic Budo Educator. He is regularly conducting seminars, gashukus (training camps) and professional courses in Australia, Hungary, South Africa, UK, Finland, United States, Japan, Canada, Italy, Holland, Norway, India, Czech Republic, Romania, Latvia and more. Despite his extensive ties internationally, Dr. Kluger's base remains the Honbu Dojo (Israel), where thousands of students have practicing, training and learning systematically on a full-time basis.


Early 1995 Dr. Kluger was appointed as the Dean of the International Budo Academy. His resume includes a wide range of prestigious posts in International Budo Organizations (Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Do Sho Honbu Jundokan - Okinawa, Dai Nippon Butokukai - Kyoto, International Budo Academy, IBSSA - ISF, World Union Martial Arts Federations, ISKU, WKF, WKC ...). He is presently serving as a Special Advisor to the AAU in USA, to the International Seishinkai Karate Do Union, to the Hungarian Karate Federation and to the Romanian Martial Arts Federation (Ministry of Youth and Sports).


Since November 1998, Dr. Kluger has been elected to the post of General Secretary and Intl' Vice President of IBSSA (International Bodyguard & Security Services Association). Dr. Kluger is the leader of the well-known, Israeli System of Military Self Defence - Krav Maga, International. Since 2002 Dr. Kluger serves as the President of IBSSA - International Sports Federation. In 2003 Dr. Rony Kluger's Institute received the official authorization from the Ministry of Education Culture and Sport to lead an officially recognized Institute to Teach, Accredit Instructors and Coaches according to the 1988 Sport Law.


Karate Do Internationals' Headmaster Dr. Rony Kluger, has trained with many great Sensei of Karate Do (Goju, Shito and Shotokan). Kluger Sensei, is an official representative of the late Grand Master Eiichi Miyazato, Hanshi (Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Do, Jundokan) and is the official representative of the prestigious "Dai Nippon Butokukai" - Kyoto, Japan. He also trained in other Martial Arts: Ju Jutsu - 8th.Dan, Judo - 4th Dan, Aikido, Kendo, and Tai Chi to widen his horizons.


The Kancho regards himself as the eternal student of Budo. He is dedicating his life to educating and learning.

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